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Clapham Common Lakes

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Clapham Common Lakes
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There are two lakes on Clapham Common that you can fish. The smallest of the lakes is just by the entrance of the park and fishing here is certainly urban. The traffic noise is immense and it does get very busy on the Common. The small lake does not hold many fish, maybe 20 carp, up to 15lb. When we tried this water out I was lucky enough to actually catch the largest Carp in there on a floating bait.
The larger lake is a standard London park style lake with a good mix of fish. This water has been closed in 2009 due to an issue with the water, but has reopened now.
Clapham Common Lakes



Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
Clapham Common tube - Northern Line

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:
Bream, Carp - Common, Carp - Mirror, Eel, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd, Tench,



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Smaller lake is has a lot of snags in it so floating baits can help you catch without losing too much tackle. Carp respond well to floating baits probably due to the amount of bread fed to the ducks.
Larger pond works to standard still water methods, a cage feeder packed with groundbait and a couple of maggots on the hook should produce a few fish. Light float fishing again towards any features should help tempt the fish out of cover when it is bright.

Floating baits work on the smaller lake, along with Pellets.


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User Reviews:

Reviewer: Photographer Joel 10/21/2013 1:56:54 PM Overall: 38 /50 ( 76 %)
Just takes a bit of work

There are loads of fish in both these lakes. I mainly fish the smaller lake as it is nearer the bus stop. They love dynamite the source boilies and You will get loads of carp on luncheon meat at the right time of the year. Gudgeon can be a problem when using soft baits though. Surface fishing is banned due to the birds so just be aware. I often do nights here on my own, but have heard of a few incidents although had no trouble myself. Just simple hair rigs is all you need, don't complicate things here. Free fishing currently although there has been talk of imposing day tickets so carry a bit of change in case.
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 9/10
Pegs: 7/10
Facilities: 7/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 7/10
Reviewer: zachdgcraft2 11/1/2012 11:37:42 AM Overall: 32 /50 ( 64 %)
clapham common mount pond ( larger one )

clapham common mount pond holds 35 fish ( so a enviroment agency guy told me while i was there ) i think that it was a lie because ive been there and had a haul of 20 fish witch would leave 15. anyway the venue is good for a london based pond except for a few druggies who tend to fish while smoke weed ???
Quality of fishing: 7/10
Access to venue: 5/10
Pegs: 6/10
Facilities: 8/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 6/10
Reviewer: Carpman1 13/05/2010 19:06:44 Overall: 27 /50 ( 54 %)
Some OK carp in here

The small lake mentioned near the entrance has a few nice common carp, there are bigger carp in the main lake, but these tend to be harder to catch
Quality of fishing: 7/10
Access to venue: 6/10
Pegs: 6/10
Facilities: 5/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 3/10
Reviewer: craig 31/02/2010 18:09:53 Overall: 22 /50 ( 44 %)
Tough Venue

I fished the small lake recently and found the fishing quite tough, you get hassled by kids a lot and some youths tend to shout things at you. If you get here early in the morning it is fine, but once it gets to mid afternoon the scum seem to turn up.
Quality of fishing: 6/10
Access to venue: 7/10
Pegs: 6/10
Facilities: 1/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 2/10