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Regents Canal

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Regents Canal
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The regents canal threads its way through North West London, eventually running alongside Regents Park, onto Kings Cross and enters the River Thames in East London at Limehouse, via the Limehouse Basin.
The canal is a venue that is often ignored by anglers which is a shame as good sport can be had with good shoals of Bream and silver fish throughout the canal.
There are numerous venues to fish on the Regent Canal, some of the more popular parts are Little Venice and behind Kings Cross station where the canal opens out where the old docks used to be.
Regents Canal


Multiple from Maida Vale to Limehouse

Map Location:
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Getting There:
There is easy access to all of the London sections of the Canal although in some places it is not accessible to wheel chair users as the only way down is via steps. Parking is usually an issue thought around Little Venice it is free at weekends, but always check each roads restrictions.

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:


Waterway Wanders Licence Required

Venue Website:

Standard canal tactics will work here. Light tackle is needed as the weather cools and the water becomes very clear. Around Camden there is a lot of debris on the bottom of the canal and getting snagged can be a pain. Float fishing or light ledger will all work and making use of any features such as moored boats will all help.

Maggots, Worms, Bread, Sweetcorn, Hemp and bloodworm all work. Small spinners will catch Perch and shallow diving plugs/lures can help catch some of the many Pike in here

Annual 20 Adults, 10 children and concessions

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User Reviews:

Reviewer: ukshabz 3/23/2014 10:50:18 AM Overall: 20 /50 ( 40 %)
little venice

Last year I was down by little venice and there was a carp angler with 2 rods out and he said the biggest fish he had out was 23lb common, fishing tight to the island on 2 bits of corn hair rigged and he was using 2 back leads to keep the line down to avoid the boats, I usual float fish with maggots and have had sone nice roach perch skimmers and couple nice big bream but temped to take my carp rod next time and try see if I can get any lumps from there
Quality of fishing: 5/10
Access to venue: 6/10
Pegs: 3/10
Facilities: 1/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 5/10
Reviewer: rhysmurphy1 9/16/2011 6:38:57 PM Overall: 23 /50 ( 46 %)
i cant catch big fish

ive cought proberly ove 100 pearch and roach but i wanna catch some bigger fish ive only ever hooked 1 pike but its dropprd the hook and i cant catch tench or carp any tip coz regents canal is the closest place for me and i whant t catch some big fish :)
Quality of fishing: 5/10
Access to venue: 5/10
Pegs: 5/10
Facilities: 5/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 3/10
Reviewer: 8/22/2011 8:14:06 PM Overall: 34 /50 ( 68 %)
can't catch anything

hey trozombo i don't know what im doing wrong coz i have tryed fishing down there for so long and can't catch anything do you have any tips or maybe we could meet up and you could show me how to fish it.
Quality of fishing: 5/10
Access to venue: 8/10
Pegs: 8/10
Facilities: 8/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 5/10
Reviewer: trozombo 28/06/2011 23:04:02 Overall: 30 /50 ( 60 %)
Islington tunnel

Just cought a decent perch and pike today just where the islington tunnel starts from the kings cross side. Although I walked all my way through from paddington while a massive storm unfolded this spot completely saved my day and I went home happy.
Quality of fishing: 6/10
Access to venue: 8/10
Pegs: 4/10
Facilities: 4/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 8/10
Reviewer: jo 02/07/2010 14:45:21 Overall: 29 /50 ( 58 %)
Nice water to fish

I have fished this canal many times, usually towards Paddington near the pedestrian bridge. There are some quite spots here and as this water is rarely fished the fishing can be very good. Yeah there are crap days like all waters, but when the weather is a bit warmer you can have a cracking days sport on the float.
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 6/10
Pegs: 6/10
Facilities: 4/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 5/10
Reviewer: Steve1 6/14/2010 2:09:23 PM Overall: 30 /50 ( 60 %)
Location is key

People seem to have a problem when it comes to fishing the canals that run through London, but if you choose the right spots then you can get decent bags of fish. Fishing behind Kings Cross where the canal opens out a bit more is good and the bottom seems not to have too many snags on it. I've also had some OK pike and Perch from walking along the tow path behind Regents park and using small spinners and plugs. Though as you get nearer to Camden there are so many shopping trolleys etc that you end up snagging up too much to bother
Quality of fishing: 6/10
Access to venue: 8/10
Pegs: 8/10
Facilities: 3/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 5/10