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Battersea Park Lake

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Battersea Park Lake
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The lake in Battersea Park is quite large by London park standards and holds a good head of fish within it. The lake is full of features and snags, but this has resulted in a good head of fish there.
The lake has an aeration system in place to keep the water oxygenated. As this is a fairly shallow lake the extra oxegen pumped into the water helps sustain the good fish life.
The fish stock in each lake is surveyed once every 3 years (on rotation) to ensure all fish are in good, healthy condition. If necessary fish are added or removed to ensure an appropriate (although not commercial) stocking density.
As with most London parks this lake still operates a close season from 16th of March to the 16th of June and all anglers must be able to show a permit and valid Rod Licence on request
Battersea Park Lake



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Getting There:
Battersea overland station is close by

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Wandsworth council (annual permit only) gives access to Battersea Park lake fishing area, Wandsworth Common lake southern basin, Tooting Common main lake

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Standard lake tactics such as light feeders or fishing a waggler float close to the reeds will produce bites. A couple of maggots on a size 14 hook to fairly light line should get the fish

Worms, maggots and Bread will take fish at this venue. The fish are used to feeding on bread as so much of it is fed to the ducks here

adult 89,senior (age 65 and over) 65, junior (age under 16) 47.50, people with disabilities 47.50

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User Reviews:

Reviewer: mervhaigh 11/01/2013 06:44:16 Overall: 46 /50 ( 92 %)
prices for battersea park/ yearly

since i last wrote i have found out that the price for a season (no day tickets) vary from 68.00 for a adult to 24.00 for disabled. for more info go on line to "battersea park lake/fishing i hope this helps, tight lines, mervhaigh t
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 10/10
Pegs: 8/10
Facilities: 10/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 10/10
Reviewer: mervhaigh 1/5/2013 6:12:03 AM Overall: 46 /50 ( 92 %)
ex member

i am a pensioner now and fished this lake with a friend for several years. at that time (1208)there was a good head of goer roach to about 2lb and large perch and tench. i also had a few bream and was told by a long time member that this was a rare accurrence. this was when it was members only. how it fishes now i would not know but i can only imagine it to have got better!! the method i used was a small feeder and double red maggot on a size 14. now that it on day ticket basis i think i will get on to battersea council and find out the cost and where to obtain the day tickets i hope this has been some help to you all out and i wish you all "tight lines" merv haigh
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 10/10
Pegs: 8/10
Facilities: 10/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 10/10