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River Wandle

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River Wandle
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Lovely small river that flows from a chalk spring right through South London, flowing into the Thames at Wandsworth.
The Wandle has been polluted many times in the past, but strict enforcement of fines and a restocking/cleaning programme have resulted in this being a great river for Barbel.
The river changes quite a bit during its relatively short length, the slower water can be found near the old waterwheel at Colliers wood with churning waters just a few hundred metres down from that.
River Wandle


SW18, SW19 Wandsworth - Merton

Map Location:
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Getting There:
Colliers Wood or South Wimbledon Tubes are near to the river or for the Thames side go to Wandsworth overland and walk from there. During the week you can park at Sainsburys (max five hours)

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:
Barbel, Bleak, Chub , Dace, Eel, Gudgeon, Perch, Pike, Roach, Trout - Brown,



Venue Website:

It is quite a shallow river so ledgering is the standard method here. Up by Abbey Mills there water is slower and deeper allowing for some float fishing. There are quite a few pegs around here and with the dam for the water wheel the flow is held back even when the rest of the river is running fast. You can fish the weir itself though there is only room for two anglers there. Further down near the Sainsburys store the river runs faster, this is where team managed to catch a few decent barbel after heavy rains from under their feet. Look for natural obsticles in the river here when it is running fast to give you a bit of slack water, this is where the fish will be sitting.

Standard stuff for Barbel and Chub. Fish based pellets give off a good scent trail and will help draw the fish up to your swim. Loose fed maggots around Abbey Mills can get the Chub biting.


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User Reviews:

Reviewer: jo1 1/5/2011 6:48:58 PM Overall: 30 /50 ( 60 %)
Find the right swim

This is one of those hidden gems of London, while most of the river looks pretty rubbish as it runs through Wandsworth, it is worth moving further up river if you want the better looking swims, that said there are some good fishing spots in the not so scenic bits.
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 7/10
Pegs: 5/10
Facilities: 5/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 5/10
Reviewer: Carpman1 03/09/2010 17:14:48 Overall: 35 /50 ( 70 %)
Nice chub in there

I was at stood on the little bridge by Mordon Hall garden centre (just by the tea room) and was amazed how many small Chub there were in the river, well part of the river that they flow through the garden centre before it joins the main branch again. I've not fished here for a while, but some of the places near Abbey Mills are really worth giving it a go. Seen quite a few guys fishing just next to the old water wheel there and doing pretty good.
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 8/10
Pegs: 7/10
Facilities: 5/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 7/10
Reviewer: stephanie1 29/03/2010 21:04:44 Overall: 35 /50 ( 70 %)
Lovely river right in the heart of South London

This is an excellent river that runs right through Wandsworth
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 7/10
Pegs: 7/10
Facilities: 7/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 6/10
Reviewer: JP 23/12/2009 15:22:20 Overall: 28 /50 ( 56 %)
Cracking river fishing

This is a great water to fish right in the heart of South London
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 7/10
Pegs: 7/10
Facilities: 3/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 3/10