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Grand Union Canal

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Grand Union Canal
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Before the water splits off to the Regents Canal the Grand Union goes all the way from the midlands entering London towards the North West and locks into the Thames at Brentford.
This is a standard UK canal in terms of fishing and can provide year round catches
Grand Union Canal


Brentford W London

Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
As this is a long canal access is easy to some parts of it, including wheelchair access.

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Fish confirmed:


Waterway Wanders Licence Required

Venue Website:

Standard canal tactics apply, as with most canals the fish move around a great deal as there is a lack of features. Look out for anything that offers the fish cover, such as parked boats or where the width of the canal changes. Any inflow pipes can also be a good natural source of food for the fish so targeting these is a good idea.
As with any canal fishing keep the tackle light with small hooks and light hooklinks.

Small baits will produce fish whatever the season. Breadflake will pick out the better Roach. Maggots will catch most things with small deadbaits attracting the Pike in Winter

Annual 20 Adults, 10 children and concessions

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Quality of fishing: 1/10
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Pegs: 1/10
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General Cleaniness of Venue: 1/10