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Walthamstow Reservoirs

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Walthamstow Reservoirs
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A range of lakes, 3 of which are fly fishing waters and 7 that are coarse fishing. The reservoirs cover a huge area and hold a massive stock of fish, Carp 44lb, Bream 16lb, Perch 4lb and Tench to over 9lb are all quoted on the Thames water site for this.
These lakes are probably the largest expansive of water that you can fish within the boundaries of London and offer you access to deep water and a range of different fishing styles. has visited these sites only a couple of times so far and with the massive range of fishing available we will be returning many more times



Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
Seven minute walk from Tottenham Hale underground station, or N17 9NH in the sat nav will get you there

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:
Bream, Carp - Common, Carp - Mirror, Eel, Gudgeon, Perch, Pike, Tench, Trout - Brown, Trout - Rainbow,



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Deep large lakes on the course fishing call for taking time to try to locate the right peg. Heavy ground baiting can help and searching for any type a feature will always help. Open ended feeders packed with a mix of groundbait, maggots and sweetcorn/hemp can help build up a good bed of bait - remember in the main lakes large shoals of Bream will quickly eat through your baits.

Bank only fly fishing on the 3 trout lakes, otherwise almost any baits will work on these waters due to their diversity of fish and pegs.

Ranges dependant on lake

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