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Syon Park - Trout Fishery

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Syon Park - Trout Fishery
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The only still water trout fishery in London, based by the River Thames (opposite side to Kew) just off the A4. The lake itself is not too large and situated in the beautiful grounds of Syon park. This is a dedicated fly water water and has a good stock of Trout, both Rainbow and Brown trout (seasonal). The head of fish in here are around the 2lb mark though there are claims of fish almost to the 20lb mark being caught. You can arrange to have a fly fishing lesson directly through the owners of the venue.
Syon Park - Trout Fishery



Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
TW7 6BB will get Sat Nav users to the vehicular entrance - there is parking on site. Kew station is five minute walk away from here

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:
Trout - Brown, Trout - Rainbow,


Sold on the bank

Venue Website:

As with all fly fishing look at what wildlife is currently hatching/in plentiful supply and attempt to choose a similar pattern, according to the website: This water enjoys prolific hatches of olives, alders, sedge, buzzers and damsel flies.

Dry and wet flies work here depending on the conditions. The lake itself is fairly shallow so heavy sinking lines are not necessary.

12 then 19 (2 Fish) or 32 (4 fish)

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