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Victoria Park

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Victoria Park
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Victoria Park has three lakes in it, fishing is only allowed in one of them, the East lake.
The East lake was extended back in 2012 and was stocked with fish.
Netting in 2016 showed that most of the small fish had disappeared with the blame being put on fish eating birds.
Since then measures have been taken to provide the fish with greater cover.
The East Lake has some purpose built platforms and is typical park lake.
It has a silty bottom and fairly shallow uniformed depth.
Victoria Park



Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
Train or Car (check council sites for parking restrictions)

Venue Type:

Fish confirmed:
Bream, Carp - Common, Eel, Perch, Rudd,


Permit required. This can be bought from Pavilion in the Park

Venue Website:

Simple lake tactics work well with swim feeder enabling you to cast out to the middle of the lake easily avoiding some of the snags from items thrown into the lake.
A simple float setup with maggots will get bites on the East Lake.
Floating crust on the West Lake can tempt the Carp, but be careful of the bird wildlife taking it.

Standard lake baits, maggots and bread all work well. The local angling organisation requests that you do not overfeed groundbait to prevent pollution of uneaten bait rotting in the water


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