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Limehouse Basin

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Limehouse Basin
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The basin at Limehouse is fed from the Grand Union and Regents canal and contains Limehouse Marina. From here it releases the water straight into the Thames. The basin itself is a reasonable size although only a very small area of it can be fished. There is substantial depth in the Marina (greater than 15 feet in places) as it has to accommodate sea going vessels with their deep hulls.
The depth of the water here does change on a day to day basis and this range can be as much as 6 foot.
There are a good head of fish in the basin with some sizeable Carp in here.
Please note that you are only able to fish in certain parts of the basin - basically the bit that leads onto the Regents Canal.
Limehouse Basin



Map Location:
Link to Google Map

Getting There:
Just off the commercial road if driving. Parking restrictions do apply during the working week. DLR station: Limehouse

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Waterway Wanders Licence Required

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Float fishing is probably the best approach due to the very soft muddy bottom, though the depth can be an issue in places. Relatively light tactics can be used here.
The deepest part of the basin is towards the main lock gate out onto the Thames. This deeper channel goes from the gates into the basin and follows round the end of the pontoons. It gets shallower the further under the pontoons you go or more towards the canal entrances.
Fishing towards some of the floating structures or boats will help though with the water usually being heavily coloured this does always make the improvements as seen on other waters.

Standard still water baits work here, the water is often highly coloured so baits with strong scents should help fish locate it. Due to the depth of water, ground baits should made slightly denser than for a lake of say 5-6 foot as they will need to hold together as it drops through the water column

Annual 20 Adults, 10 children and concessions

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User Reviews:

Reviewer: craig 29/03/2010 21:12:10 Overall: 34 /50 ( 68 %)
Large Carp in here

There are some decent sized Carp in here and good shoals of Bream. You need to fish it from the where the Canal enters the basin as the other parts of it are off limits.
Quality of fishing: 8/10
Access to venue: 5/10
Pegs: 4/10
Facilities: 8/10
General Cleaniness of Venue: 9/10