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Gardner Suspender Float

With the current run of reasonable weather (reasonable by British Summer Time standards anyway!) this week the L.A has been doing a tackle test on the Gardener Suspender Float. [see external link below] According to Gardners web-blurb ďa unique ...


SPOTLIGHT ON BAIT - TRADITIONAL BAITS These are all the baits that we all used to use when we first started fishing and maybe sometimes do not use them as much any more as we should. They are all proven catchers, and when more modern popular baits ...


CARP BAITS Stop-press. Carp, are fish. And like all other fish, they will take a variety of baits, natural, man made and artificial. While fishing with sweetcorn for a decent roach or bream, you could be just as likely to hit into a decent ...

Environment Agency

Buy your rod licence online
Itís that time of year again when you need to buy a rod license. Last yearís licences expires on 31st March. Donít forget that if you intend to fish with more than two rods, you will need extra licenses. Licenses can be purchased online, and as ...

Joys of spring fishing

Get in on one of the best parts of the fishing year
So spring is here at last and for those of us that predominantly fish on still waters and donít have to worry about the closed season, itís a time to dust off the tackle, re-spool our reels and head out to our favourite lakes and ponds to make an ...

Catching Tuna in the sunshine

Why stay in the cold when there is great fishing out there
While most of the country was struggling with sub-zero temperatures more commonly experienced in Siberia than SW1 and pickings for anglers around the capital proving very slim indeed, the London Angler was lucky enough to jet away to Barbados, for a ...

Summer Pike Fishing

Why wait till winter to take on this fantastic predator
Over the years, different seasons have been associated to different fish that anglers target. The warm summers are for the Tench and Carp, the Spring sunshine for Roach and Bream, the autumnal crispness for Perch and the cold bleak winters for ...

Add your favourite London Venue

Submit your favourite venues right now is now allowing registered users of this site to upload venues, be it fantastic fishing hotspots or difficult waters, get it visible on this site today. We acknowledge that when it comes to providing reviews for all of the ...

Winter Carp fishing

How to catch Carp in even the coldest months
It wasnít that long ago that there was a wide held belief that Carp all but hibernated in winter and fishing for them was a waste of time. Well times have changed and while we are being told that our winters are getting warmer overall, this ...

Welcome to

A site for anglers in and around the London area launched a few years ago with the aim of providing anglers around the capital to get information on where to fish. London is a fantastic city to live in, but sometimes for anglers trying to find the best venues it is not easy. ...

Catching Tench in winter

It really can be done
People still have a belief that Tench are a fish that just doesnít get caught in winter. This is of course incorrect and a quick skim through any of the match results in your area will show that Tench are in fact getting caught. One of the main ... needs a new logo!

Find out how you can have your graphic work on this site
As we are a not for profit website we are unable to go out to a design house and employee someone to do this. What we are hoping is to find someone who is just starting out in design who needs to build up their portfolio. If this sounds like you ...

Get Involved

Help create articles for London Angler
If you would like to write articles for or to become one of the team that goes out to test new venues then please get in touch via the email address is a free site and we will not be able ...

Swamped by tackle

Why do we take so much with us?
As fishing has evolved over the years, one thing that is perhaps the most noticeable is the rise in the amount of tackle the average angler now appears to take with them on every trip. Park up at any fishery and you will see people attempting to ...

Multi-Jointed Fishing Lures

A review of the new range of fishing lures from Fishing Addict
Lure fishing is growing in popularity recently and is a part of the sport that I have always loved. Recently I have been using lures for Trout and have to say what a fantastic way to catch them. I know that many out there still believe that fly ...