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Swamped by tackle

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Swamped by tackle
Why do we take so much with us?
As fishing has evolved over the years, one thing that is perhaps the most noticeable is the rise in the amount of tackle the average angler now appears to take with them on every trip. Park up at any fishery and you will see people attempting to balance the equivalent of a small car in weight about their person before struggling off to the peg. Trolleys are now a common site and watching some poor sod trying heave a fully loaded trolley up a muddy incline does make you think “surely is this all necessary”.
As technology moved forward fishing equipment ranges expanded, people used to take a mat to sit on the bank on, now it is a fully adjustable chair with extras all over it, or moving even further up the extreme list, a whole collapsible bed! The funny thing is that technology has always offered the “new, better way” of doing things, yet it seems that the average angler has just
The bare minumum of tackle for a days fishing
decided to buy as much of it as they can and then to take it all with them whether they need it or not.
The other weekend I was doing the same as everyone else, struggling to get all of this tackle to my peg. It then occurred to me why do I have so much stuff for a days fishing, after all I know the venue I am going to and how I am going to fish it so why have I decided to bring huge amount of tackle just for it to sit in my bags? I decided to raise this question with a good friend of mine who is a great believer in take almost everything you can possible carry “just in case”. A fine example of this was when we went to Belgium to fish near the town of Ypres for a couple of days and both decided to include a selection of sea angling gear, “just in case” we got a chance to use it on route! We both decided that we really do not need a lot of what we take so could we make do with just
Swamped with fishing tackle
a small selection of tackle? Surely the answer must be yes.
We decided that the amount of tackle needed really is dependent on the type of fishing you are doing, if we were spinning for Pike along a nice stretch of River such as the Thames, then one rod, reel , small box of lures, forceps, traces and a landing net really are all you need, but if we are heading to a fishery for a days Carp angling, I need the minimum of:
2 Rods, 2 Reels, Landing Net, weighing scales, unhooking mat, rod rests, chair (I am not sitting on the muddy bank!), ground baits, hook baits, tackle box full of rigs, hooks, weights and other items such as boilie drills, stoppers… the list goes on. Before long we had pretty much drawn up a list of essentials that included almost everything I take anyway. Not wishing this to be a total disaster I declared that I did not require the umbrella as an essential, which
it turned out I did as it rained most of that day.
So what is the answer to the angler swamped with too much tackle? Well most of the items we take along we justify that we need and there is a fear of leaving anything behind. At the end of the day there are essentials to each type of fishing and we can cut them down to the bare minimum if we want, but for me I have now accepted that for most of the angling I do, I am going to continue struggling along under what is clearly a stupid amount of heavy and unnecessary tackle “just in case”.

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