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Summer Pike Fishing

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Summer Pike Fishing
Why wait till winter to take on this fantastic predator
Over the years, different seasons have been associated to different fish that anglers target. The warm summers are for the Tench and Carp, the Spring sunshine for Roach and Bream, the autumnal crispness for Perch and the cold bleak winters for Pike. While catching most species of fish is a year round activity Pike fishing is often left until the onset of winter before people even think of giving it a go. Now this needn’t be the case as summer pike can offer great fun and as with most other people targeting other species the Pike are left alone to the few out there targeting them.
Many waters still operate a “no pike fishing till October onwards policy” which will naturally prevent you using these waters for summer Pike fishing, but these tend to be on commercial fisheries were the reasoning behind this tends to be a fear of damaging other fish (mainly Carp) as lures are drawn quickly
through the higher parts of water where these fish often sit in the warmer weather. So besides some commercial waters, there is little to stop the keen predator angler from having a days Pike fishing any time of the year.
As with winter Pike fishing there are all the usual methods, from floating dead baits to ledgered live baits and everything in the middle including artificial lures and plugs, but in summer it is often the latter where the most fun will had. Summer time sees a massive plant growth in waters, the read and lily beds grow dense and underwater weeds and plants create a dense jungle under the water’s surface. Pike tend to move around in summer, following the bait fish and finding places amongst the foliage to lay in wait for a possible snack. Fishing with shallow lures through the margins can often produce almighty takes as one of these creatures explodes from its ambush
 Pike hidden ready for ambushing a lure
position. Remember the Pike are where the prey is and small fish such as Roach and Rudd will often stay close to the margins and the plants that grow there. Targeting these all day will often produce many more takes then casting lures far out in the middle of a water.
In summer Pike don’t need to worry so much about saving energy as they do in Winter, they will often follow a lure and snap at it almost out of habit, their natural instincts are so strong to attack anything that looks like a meal and their energy levels raised by the warmer water and abundance of bait fish.
So maybe during this summer, as you are packing your fishing gear in preparation for a day’s Carp fishing and thinking of watching a nice mirror gently breaking the surface and gently engulfing one of your floating baits, just consider how much fun it would be for a change to watch the surface explode and a pike
attack your lure with a burst of power and speed that literally makes your heart jump and your pulse race, go on, you know you want to.

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