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Joys of spring fishing

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Joys of spring fishing
Get in on one of the best parts of the fishing year
So spring is here at last and for those of us that predominantly fish on still waters and donít have to worry about the closed season, itís a time to dust off the tackle, re-spool our reels and head out to our favourite lakes and ponds to make an assault on that fish of a life-time, or just to spend a few pleasant hours maggot bashing for tiddlers. Over the last 4 weeks, the temperature has risen significantly and fish are now starting to show in better numbers with the comparative barren period of the winter months starting to seem like a distant memory. The evenings are starting to extend little by little and now that the clocks have gone forward, the chance of an hour or two down at your local venue after work is seeming like a more realistic prospect.

As the weather warms up, the carp are slowly starting to move up in the water, and can now be seen cruising a foot or so below
Spring Fishing
the surface on sunny days, particularly in more shallow waters which do not take as long to shake off the winter chill, as venueís with greater depth. While carp tend to spawn a little later in the year, around May/June time, they will be starting to pile on the weight in advance of this, so if you do decide to go fishing and catch at this time of year, be particularly careful when handling fish out of the water as they will probably be carrying the future generations of record breaking fish for your local lake.

When it comes to bait to use at this time of year, anything brightly coloured and or scented is likely to work well, in fact the brighter and stronger smelling the better. In deeper waters that are still relatively cool, high oil baits such as halibut or trout pellets or anything with salmon oil is likely to not work very well as the oils cannot break down and attract fish
Spring ducklings
to your swim in cold water. Try fruit flavoured baits, such as pineapple or strawberry boilies, or traditional favourites like sweetcorn with the addition of tutti-fruiti flavouring to give it that extra interest factor. The carp will be starting to feed up on grubs and insect larvae that are starting to appear on the lake beds, so worms are also a good bet. Try fitting 10 or 20 maggots to a maggot ring, which fits directly on to your hook for a chance to hook a good sized carp on the most traditional of baits. Although more traditionally a summer bait, the patient and stealthy angler might take the odd fish on chum mixer biscuits, hair-rigged and free lined (a control float is likely to spook fish this early in the year) close in. However on waters where wildfowl is present, expect to be feeding the ducks more than the carp for another few months yet.

Carp can be fussy biters at
the best of times, but when they are just starting to wake up from their winter snooze this can be particularly true. Donít expect the explosive takes that you would get in the summer, indeed it might sometimes take a fish a few seconds to even realise it has been hooked. Donít be surprised if you get a fish to the bank quickly, only for it to bolt at the sight of the net. Make sure your drag is set correctly and you should avoid the heartbreak of losing a fish a few feet from the bank.

While spring can be a frustrating time for the angler, with decent sessions followed up by sessions without a bite, itís worth putting a few hours in to see how your favourite water is shaping up, and to get your eye properly in for the excellent summer months to come.


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